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The Resort Our Humble Beginning: The Hidden Gem

“More than 40 years ago, our father purchased the 10 Rai (4 Acres) of oceanfront land on Dongtan Beach, south of Pattaya, Thailand. This is the lovely home of charming Rabbit Resort Pattaya. We chose to build a wonderful Thai Village with only 49 rooms/villas instead of a concrete High Rise. We are all about nature: reclaimed wood, large trees, tropical flowers, and colourful birds. It is the last of its kind in Pattaya.” -Mr. Rabbit

Thai Beach Houses on the luxury Dongtan Beach – the best beach in Pattaya. We are the last Thai beach house resort left in Pattaya. Guests can luxuriate in contemporary high interior design comfort, while immersed in a gentle dose of classic “Thainess.” The beachfront will give you maximum sun and outlandishly brilliant sunsets, the 4-acre resort affords sea and forest views from virtually every angle.
The deeply luxurious and subdued furnishings which individually designed, offer a unique taste of accommodation. Outside, the verdant grass area lined with leafy native and exotic tropical plants, leads you to our swimming pools according to your needs and preferences. We have a private pool for individual guests and a pleasurable pool for families and groups. Both are ideal for day or night dining. The property is festooned with native trees and generous grass areas, another unusual feature amongst Pattaya resorts and villas.
Rabbit Resort Pattaya believes that service is kindness. We are a family owned and operated resort that emphasizes personal touch and consequently, exceptional features. We provide assistance and service for travelling guests. Our very own Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit live at the resort and they take active roles in running the hotel. Most of our staff has been with us for 5-10 years. Many of them live at the resort to provide our guests the best service possible, 24/7- twenty-four hours a day; 7 times a week ready to respond to all guests needs.