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Rabbit Resort Pattaya on dongtan beach has commanding panoramic views of Dongtan Beach surrounded by lush, native Thai foliage. The 49 Rooms and Villas offer unique charms and facilities for your short or long term Pattaya stay. Designed by a leading Thai architect, the secluded, quiet and family-friendly Rabbit Resort Pattaya is stylish and sophisticated. It weaves traditional Thai design with the contemporary details. The resort has an overwhelming aura of space, inside and out.

We Love Animals, Pet Friendly

Portraits of Dogs Studio

Rabbit Resort has a special Pet Studio where you can have portraits taken
of your lovely pets: Dogs, Cats and Squirrels. Capture your visit to
Rabbit Resort Pattaya in a beautiful and heartwarming photograph,


Ganj Coffee

Your wish is our command – our restaurant is no exception. Rabbit Resort Pattaya’s Chefs Company Food and Photo Gallery is one of a kind. It sits right on Dongtan Beach, the most beautiful beach in Pattaya.