Gold Cottages - Forest or Pool View

Our Gold Cottages Pool View are cosy and feat using a sense of timeless elegance with individual bungalows fronting the adult swimming pool. Architectural details inspired with uniqueness and distinction. The garden canope is a delight in each cottage, highlighted by river rock walls and exquisite landscape. Our cottages are single story, always private and peaceful- a gracious retreat set apart from the outside world.

small pet friendly resort

Location Choices

  • In the forest (only 1 house)
  • Four are directly on the pool, closest to the ocean


  • Single story houses with privacy
  • Large patio with terra cotta floor
  • Private garden and open space


  • 50 square meters
  • 1 King size bed and 1 twin bed (4 Ft)
  • Every room has a full set of dishes and silverware.
  • Hot water pot and microwave free for use.
  • Antique teak wood furniture are different in every unit
  • Ceramic floors- Downstairs
  • Non-smoking room