Silver Villa

We Love Animals, Pet Friendly

Our villas are the perfect family holiday retreat. An excellent choice for families with 7-8 persons. The elegant, residential-style two-bedroom villa offers enhanced seclusion. Each 110-square-metre villa is two stories and features two bedrooms,  two bahtrooms and an extra small bedroom with twin beds.


Location Choices

  • In the Forest


  • Two story traditional Thai house
  • Large patio with terra cotta floor downstairs
  • Upstairs – Large balcony and without balcony
  • Private garden and open space


  • 110 square meters
  • Downstairs – 1 king size bed, dining, bathroom, one small bedroom with 2 twin beds ( 4 Ft)
  • Upstairs – 1 king size bed, thai day bed (3.5 Ft), small office and bathroom
  • Every room has a full set of dishes and silverware
  • Hot water pot and Microwave free for use
  • Antique teak wood furniture are different in every unit
  • Terra cotta or wood flooring are available in upstair units
  • Terra cotta flooring in downstair units
  • Non-smoking room