We Love Animals, Pet Friendly

Please call for special price !

1. Must show prove of rabies vaccination of your pets
2. 700 THB sell out at 500 THB/dog/cat/day (1-15 Kgs.) and 1,500THB sell at 800 THB/dog/cat/day (16-25 Kgs.). 2,000 THB sell at 1,200 THB/dog/cat/day (over 25 Kgs.)
3.Pets can only stay on the ground floor room with patio
4. Must pay 1000 Bath per dog/cat as damage deposit upon arrival
5. If your dog hurts someone or another dog. The owner of the dog is responsible for at least 9,000 baht in damages.
6. No ferocious dogs are allowed:
7.Each dog must be social with other pets at anytime.No barking allowed

8. Must be clean and free of odors, ticks and flees
9. Must be on a leash at all-time
10. Must urinate and poop outside the room. Owner must pick up after their pets
11.Pets can not be left alone in room
12. Dogs are not allowed in swimming pool.
13. Rabbit Resort staff has the right to closely inspect all dogs upon arrival
14. Dog/cat owners are liable for the full amount of demages causing injury to a person as well as for all property damagies

 Rabbit Resort reserves the right to accept or reject your dogs at any time