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Strict Rules Applied for pets at Rabbit Resort

1. 600 THB/dog-cat /day and stay at Downstairs room only
2. Must pay 1000 Bath per dog-cat as deposit
3. No ferocious dogs are allowed
4. Must not weigh more than 8 kg.
5. No barking allowed.
6. Must be clean and free of odours, ticks and flees
7. Must be on a leash at all time.

8. Must urinate and dropping outside the room. Owner must pick up after their pet
9. Not allow to leave dog alone in the room
10. Not allow to swim in the swimming pool
11. Must be in the designated dining area
12. Rabbit Resort reserves the right to inspect all dogs upon arrival
13. Dog-cat owners may be liable for the full amount of damages caused by the dog injuring or causing injury to a person as well as for all property damages.